Thursday, April 6 BEST OF THE FEST

Thursday, April 6 Schedule,

Palm Springs 



10:00 am                      (PROGRAM 67)


Say Something, NORWAY, SWEDEN, 73 min.

Location: Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs

Details: In the developed world there is an epidemic of depression with our youth.  This work may give some positive insight.

11:30 am              (PROGRAM 68)


Robert Shaw – Man Of Many Voices, USA, 71min.

Location: Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs

Details: Meet the conductor for all seasons.

1:00 pm              (PROGRAM 69)


Davi’s Way, USA, 95 min. 

LocationCamelot Theatres, Palm Springs

Details: Robert Davi is a talented actor.  Did you know that he can sing like Ol’ Blue Eyes?

3:00 pm             (PROGRAM 70)


Eveready, USA, 9min. / Blind Sushi, USA, 17min. / The Sunflower Inn, UK, 40min.
Location: Camelot Theatres

Location: Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs

Details: A series of films about the dynamism of the human spirit.

5:00 pm                (PROGRAM 71)


CLOSING NIGHT FILM:  Kaya From Jeopardy, 76min. USA

Location: Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs

Details: A sure fire hit, especially for those hooked on the most challenging game show of them all.