Amdocs2016 Snapshot: Lo Sound Desert (GERMANY, 93 min.)


Fri., April 1, 1:00 pm, CSU Palm Desert

(Live Performance)

Sat., April 2, 12:00 pm, Camelot

The Californian Desert music scene, which gave birth to bands like Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, was basically started by revolving punk rock kids, hidden from narrow-minded authorities of suburban, desert communities in the early 80s, became a vibe over the years. Desert Rock, often misinterpreted as musical genre continued its international underground spread until today.

This is a close look from within its origin on the beginnings: never-ending jams in the middle of the desert. This film is narrated by Josh Homme, Brant Bjork, Mario Lalli and many others. It provides a unique insight into the history of the Coachella Valley music scene.


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