Monday, April 3

Monday, April 3, Palm Springs

Camelot Theatres



9:30 am                      (PROGRAM 31) 


Seabank: Nature’s Dividend, USA, 9min. / Through The Thick, AUSTRIA, 14min. / Frans Lanting: The Evolution of LIFE, 23min. / Emerging, 30 min. USA

LocationCamelot Theatres, Palm Springs

Details An enchanting look at nature and perhaps how to preserve it.

11:00 am                    (PROGRAM 32) 


Untamed, 8min., FRANCE / Sisters In Neverland, USA, 8min. / The Family Whistle, USA, 65min.

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details:  How do we view and feel about family, in a warm, and special way? These enchanting looks are sure to evoke some emotion. 

11:30 am                     (PROGRAM 33) 


There Goes The Neighborhood, USA, 27min. / Against All Odds-The Fight For a Black Middle Class with Bob Herbert, USA, 77min.

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details: An all important look at understanding culture in America and the misconceptions behind our perceptions. 

12:00 pm                   (PROGRAM 34)


Portrait of Street Sweeper, USA, 8min. / Aurelia and Pedro, MEXICO, 13 min. / Hello Cuba, USA / PERU, 20min. / A Short Family Movie, CROATIA, 21min. / The Neon Struggle, USA, 38min.

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details: Traditions are important, and understanding them, is even more important.

1:30 pm                      (PROGRAM 35) 


It Could Be Beautiful, USA, 13min. / Being Seen, USA, 16min./Two Worlds, POLAND, 52min.

Location: Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs.

Details: Humanity and the respect and love of others are played out here.

2:00 pm                     (PROGRAM 36) 


The Nine, USA, 99min.

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details:  Already a festival hit, this edgy and creative look at the underbelly of a forgotten community is sure to spark discussion.

2:30 pm                      (PROGRAM 37) 


The Underground Traveller, MEXICO , 15min. / This Is For You, Older Sandy, USA, 21min. / Tourism!, CROATIA, 50min.

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details: A common theme on travel in some not so common situations.

4:00 pm                      (PROGRAM 38)


Surrounding Game, USA, 97min. (SNEAK PEEK)

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details: A Sneek Peek at a past AmDocs film fund winner and the Asian game of GO. 

4:30 pm                     (PROGRAM 39) 


The Afghan Bruce Lee, SOUTH AFRICA, CHINA, 8min. / Battling Back, 11min., USA / Pehelwani, USA, 11min. / Make Them Believe, USA, 14min./Hard Hitter, 29min, DENMARK

Location: Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs

Details: Fighting for respect, for self-growth and financial gain have motivated man to partake in dangerous games since the beginning of time.

5:00 pm                    (PROGRAM 40)



Vorticity, USA, 6min. / Skywriters, GERMANY, 27min. / There Will Be Water, 60min., DENMARK

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

DetailsAction in concert with both nature and man’s ability or attempt to harness it.

6:30 pm                     (PROGRAM 41) 


American Veteran, USA, 73min.

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details: Heroes are made in many different ways in this world, by actions as well by attitude and the appreciation of life.

7:00 pm                      (PROGRAM 42)


Chinese Obama, CHINA, 9min. / Davi’s Way, USA, 95min.

Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs

Details: Robert Davi is a talented actor. Did you know that he can sing like Ol’ Blue Eyes?

7:30 pm                      (PROGRAM 43) 


Where We’ve Been, USA, 4min. / Ruben’s Elevator, USA, 4min. / 3 Days In Rome, 5min., AUSTRIA / Broken Palace, 5min, CANADA / Bacon And God’s Wrath, 9min., CANADA / Going The Distance, USA, 10min. / The Boatmaker, USA, 37min.

Location: Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs

DetailsTime, age, wisdom, perseverance all play roles in these fascinating series of short films.