2017 Program Selection K-P

Tickets are available for all shows by looking on this list then, after you mark your pick(s), purchasing (on-line) HERE (by) using the day/time individual program list, or (by) purchasing at the theater (with no service charge.  If purchasing at theater, we recommend that you arrive no later than twenty (20) minutes in advance of screening.)  

Kallen Esperian: Vissi D'Arte (USA, 61 min.)

Kallen Esperian 600X325


Sun., April 2, 7:00 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Steven Ross, USA, 61 min.

For two decades, Memphian Kallen Esperian was the toast of the opera world: discovered by Pavarotti, and a favored co-star of Placido Domingo, she sang often at La Scala and The Met. Then a series of life blows took her away from the international spotlight. This is the story of what happened to Kallen Esperian, and her ongoing attempt to resurrect her career.

Kanu belong Keram (SWITZERLAND, 16 min.)

Kanu 600X325


Tue., April 4, 2:30 pm, Camelot

U.S Premiere

Daniel von Rudiger, SWITZERLAND, 16 min.

The building of a canoe can be seen as an example of the importance and greatness of community work. The strength of many people can achieve something big and heavy. The indigenous population is highly adapted to their environment. The strength of their bodies, the synchronization as a group and practical know how is compensating the lack of technical equipment. The hard work is manifested in their healthy physical appearance.

Kaya From Jeopardy (USA, 76 min.)

Kaya 600X325


Wed., April 5, 7:00 pm, Camelot (CLOSING NIGHT FILM)

World Premiere

Seth Douglas, USA, 76 min.

Kaya Blauvelt is a paraeducator, a ribald outsider artist, a trivia champion and a fanatic about Jeopardy! Now, after a decade of low paying and often demeaning jobs, Kaya believes she can  “change her life forever” by winning the game show she’s watched her entire life.

Kojo: A Short Documentary (USA, 14 min.)

KOJO 600X325


Tue., April 4, 11:00 am, Camelot

California Premiere

Michael Fequiere, USA, 14 min.

KOJO is a film about gifted 12-year-old jazz drummer Kojo Odu Roney. In this candid interview, Kojo reflects on his tireless work ethic, the current state of jazz and learning from his mentor and father, jazz saxophonist Antoine Roney. Kojo’s charisma, sensibility and passion are as mesmerizing as his drum skills.

Lady Lead (USA, 7 min.)

Lady Lead 600X325


Sat., April 1, 4:00 pm, Camelot

World Premiere

Vincent Sassone, USA, 7 min.

Lady Lead is an arts program developed specifically for middle school girls.  The goal is for female artists to work with young women at their school sites, on a monthly community art table.  Projects are focused around girl power themes, and promote positivity, growth and leadership.  Lady Lead also has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence so that girls can look for photos and updated messages from the group on a regular basis. Also, there are ten Lady Lead podcasts available on mixcloud,

Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star (CANADA, FRANCE, 53 min.)

leslie carron 600X325


Sun., April 2, 12:00 pm, Camelot

U.S Premiere

Larry Weinstein, CANADA, FRANCE, 53 min.

Leslie Caron, the beloved star of classic American cinema, is one of the last witnesses to a golden age of the 20th century. She is one of the rare performers who excelled in the triple worlds of film, dance and theater.

Long Term Parking (USA, 8 min.)

Long term parking 600X325


Fri., March 31, 1:30 pm,Camelot

U.S Premiere

Lance Oppenheim, USA, 8 min.

At the Los Angeles International Airport, a parking lot has become an improvised village of airline employees.

Make Them Believe (RUSSIA, 14 min.)

Make them believe 600X325


Mon., April 3, 4:30 pm, Camelot

World Premiere

Taimi Arvidson, RUSSIA, 14 min.

A Russian wrestler enchanted by the United States plays the ultimate villain as the stars and stripes-clad character “American Hope” in Moscow’s underground wrestling ring. It’s a Kremlin-run world far from the pageantry of USA pay-per-view popularity where American means the evil enemy and wrestlers slam into decrepit mats. But Tim Maltser still dreams of becoming an American wrestling star like the larger-than-life WWF heroes of his childhood…and now he finally has his chance.

Man In The Camo Jacket (USA, 80 min.)

Man in the camo jacket 600X325


Tue., April 4, 7:00 pm, Camelot

(Special LIVE Performance By Mike Peters After Screening)

World Premiere

Russ Kendall, USA, 80 min.

Man in the Camo Jacket – the story of Mike Peters, an iconic rock star and cancer survivor’s crusade to change the world one concert at a time.

Manoman (UK, 11 min.)

Manoman 600X325


Sat., April 1, 9:00 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

 Simon Cartwright, UK, 11 min.

Glen is barely a man. In a desperate attempt to tap into his masculinity he attends a primal scream therapy session, but even surrounded by wailing men he cannot make a sound. When another member of the class pushes Glen too far he finally lets something out- a miniature version of himself which does whatever it wants, regardless of the consequences.

Max Gimblett: Original Mind (AUSTRALIA,50 min.)

Max Gimblett 600X325


Sat., April 1, 2:00 pm, Camelot

World Premiere

Rhys Mitchell, AUSTRALIA, 50 min.

“If there is one thing you can be certain of when meeting Max Gimblett, it’s that you are unlikely to forget it,”  so says Anna Jackson, Gow Langsford Gallery.  Observing this creative genius in his Soho loft, Max Gimblett, a self-professed Buddhist and now American citizen, is one of New Zealand’s most successful and internationally prominent living artists.

May 15th In Paris (USA, 9 min.)

May 15th 600X325


Sat., April 1, 7:30 pm, Camelot

World Premiere

Janek Ambros, USA, 9 min.

Shots of Paris on May 15, 2016 with a Parisian narrator telling us the story of May 15, 1848, when protesters finally pushed the establishment to let them have a popular vote to elect their ruler.

MERCEDES: Portrait Of A Street Sweeper (USA, CUBA, 8 min.)

Mercedes Portrait 600X325


Mon., April 3, 12:00 pm, Camelot

Southern California Premiere

Amie Williams, Meena Nanji, USA, 8 min.

Two friends and filmmakers from Los Angeles visit Cuba, one month before the U.S. lifts its 50-plus-year embargo. In this film, shot in one day, we meet Mercedes and listen to her story. The story is more of an impression than a film, more of an emotion than a story.

Mishimakaiko (FRANCE, 14 min.)

Mishmaiko 600X325


Sun., April 2, 12:00 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Aude Danset, FRANCE, 14 min.

Mishima lives in the shade, surrounded by worms in his underground lair. One morning, he discovers beautiful Saiko who awakens inside a rose.


Mystery screening 2K17 600X325


Sun., April 2, 2:00 pm, Camelot

Sneak Peek

Guess Who, USA, 84 min.

Each of the last three years we have screened films without giving up their film titles, director names or synopses.  Each year, the audience enjoyed our Secret, Mystery Picks.  This one is sure to please.

Neutra In Roatan (USA, 8 min.)



Tue., April 4, 12:00 pm, Camelot 

Southern California Premiere

Tavo Olmos, USA, 8 min.

Architect Dion Neutra has led the Neutra firm for the last half of its illustrious nine decades. Dion’s work and unique experience serve to further secure the Neutra legacy; Richard Neutra is revered the world over as one of the most influential architects of our time.
The next generation, grandson and son Nick, is in the process of building a multi-structure complex on the Honduran island of Roatan.

No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story ( USA, 75 min.)

No Asylum 600X325


Sun., April 2, 4:30 pm, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Paula Fouce, USA, 75 min.

Anne Frank has become an icon of tolerance and the face of the Holocaust. Through recently discovered letters from her father, Otto, and interviews with remaining members of the Frank family, the painful and relentless struggle to save the family from the Nazis is revealed. One by one his pleas for exit visas were rejected as the world turned its back on him, one country at a time, leaving the Franks, with no asylum and no hope.

Notes On A Violin (USA, 10 min.)

Notes on a violin 600X325


Tue., April 4, 11:00 am, Camelot 

Palm Springs Premiere

Taly Oehler, USA, 10 min.

An exploration of the life of a violin-obsessed teacher, who wants to spread the “gospel” of classical music by teaching people he meets how to play the violin.

One Eightieth Of Zhang Tianyi (CHINA, 19 min.)

One eightieth 600X325


Sun., April 2, 11:30 am, Camelot

California Premiere

Shuhan Fan, CHINA, 19 min.

Zhang Tianyi, a 25-year-old Mao Zedong fan, creates a communist kingdom by selling his Hunan hometown food: rice noodles, after learning cooking for 5 minutes.


Pehelwani (USA, 10 min.)

Pehelwani 600X325


Mon., April 3, 4:30 pm, Camelot

World Premiere

Joao Canziani, USA, 10 min.

The fascinating story of a group of young men that practice the ancient art of ‘pehelwan,’ or mud wrestling, at the Bhuteshwar Akhara in the town of Mathura, India.

Pizarro (COLUMBIA, 82 min.)

Pizarro 600X325


Tue., April 4, 2:00 pm, Camelot

U.S Premiere

Simon Hernandez, COLUMBIA, 82 min.

Maria Jose Pizarro  pursues of justice to combat the impunity surrounding the murder of her father, occurred 20 years ago. His father, Carlos Pizarro , was killed in strange circumstances never clarified today.

Pulling Back Together (USA, 22 min.)

Pulling back together 600X325


Sat., April 1, 2:30 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Elli Smith, USA, 22 min.

Witness a healing journey of Native American youth as they voyage through the turbulence of their pasts to learn a sense of self and culture on their ancestral waterways.