2017 Program Selection D-J

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Davi's Way (USA, 90 min.)

Davi's way 600X325


Mon., April 3, 7 pm, Camelot 

California Premiere

Tom DonahueUSA, 90 min.

Typecast as the bad guy in over 130 feature films (including The Goonies and License to Kill ), actor/performer Robert Davi has always yearned to be the romantic lead.  Trained as an opera singer, music is his chance to do just that.  “A Very Good Year” is a character portrait of Robert Davi as he makes a shift from acting to singing professionally. The film also reflects on the cultural impact of Frank Sinatra – and Robert’s own quest to put on a concert celebrating Sinatra’s 100th Birthday.

Depth Two (SERBIA, FRANCE, 80 min.)

Depth two 600X325


Wed., April 5, 11:00 am, Camelot (NSDN: DokuFest)

California Premiere

Ognjen GlavonicSERBIA, FRANCE, 80 min.

In 2001 a mass grave was discovered in a suburb of Belgrade.  Soon there were more to come. ‘Depth Two’ investigates the hidden story behind this horrid discovery and takes us back to 1999 and the NATO bombings in Serbia.  Using the verbal testimonies of perpetrators and victims, ‘Depth Two’ unfolds like a hypnotic thriller that visits the places where the crimes happened 17 years ago and follows the trail of this untold massacre, in an attempt to uncover and give a voice to the stories, that are still intentionally buried in silence.

Digital Romance (DENMARK, 11 min.)

digital romance 600X325


Tue., April 4, 11:30 am, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Michael Helmuth HansenDENMARK, 11 min.

One cold winter evening the computer game Brutal Bullet becomes infected by a destructive virus; a virus of burning red two’s hitting the computers binary number system of white zero’s and one’s. Kane Skullhead, the main character of the game, can suddenly feel a beat inside his chest; a beat of life that activates the antivirus in the computer and starts a chase of life and death, which will eventually reach beyond his own world and have him collide with the world of a beautiful ballerina.

[video src="http://digitalromance.wilfilm.dk/video/digital_romance_trailer_v03_1080p_5800kbps_x264.mp4" /]

Dotted Lines (MEXICO, 9 min.)

Dotted lines 600X325


Wed., April 6, 12:00 pm, Camelot (NSDN: DocsMX)

United States Premiere

Paola Ovalle, MEXICO, 9 min.

The disappearance of people is a crime against humanity that leaves families and communities incomplete and in a state of suspense. Common objects such as clothes or shoes, a wallet or receipts, an ID card or an ornament, become the only material tracks that evidence the suspended pause in which we live. We all miss Zulma, Pierre, Diego and Erick. In their absence, these commonplace artifacts become treasures that shelter their memories in an indefinite wait.

Dreamtown (ECUADOR, 70 min.)

Dreamtown 600X325


Fri., March 31, 2:30 pm, Camelot (NSDN: EDoc)

 Southern California Premiere

Betty Bastidas,ECUADOR, 70 min.

A young Afro-Ecuadorian soccer player, Anibal Chala, strives to make it to the professional soccer leagues, and eventually sees his dreams become reality. This coming-of-age story follows Anibal over the span of six years, from the youth minor leagues until he secures a place on Ecuador’s First Division team, ranking among the country’s top 10 players at the young age of 17.

Durango (USA, 16 min.)

Durango 600X325


Sat., April 1, 9:00 pm, Camelot

World Premiere

Matt Sukkar, USA, 16 min.

Three years ago, teenage brothers Aaron and TJ lost their father. Left in the care of their mentally unstable mother, they’ve had to learn to raise themselves in the beautiful but isolated town of Durango. Their relationship is tested when Aaron is given an opportunity to move in with family in Seattle.

Edmond (UK, 9 min.)

edmond 600X325


Sun., April 2, 4:00 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Nina Gantz, UK, 9 min.

Edmond’s  impulse  to  love  and  be  close  to  others  is  strong…  Maybe  too  strong.  As  he stands  alone  by  a  lake  contemplating  his  options,  he  goes  on  a  journey backwards through  his  life,  and  revisits  all  his  defining  moments  in  search  for  the  origin of his desire.

Elmyr The Forger (FRANCE, 52 min.)



Wed., April 5, 4:00 pm, Camelot 

United States Premiere

Dmitri Pailhe, FRANCE, 52 min.

Elmyr was living in Paris, learning to paint with Fernand Leger. When he had no success selling his own paintings, and desperate for money, he started to paint some fake Picassos, Matisses and Derains to survive. With the help of Fernand Legros, a famous art dealer, he sold more than 2,000 forgeries around the world. He ended up in Ibiza, where he became a personality on the island until the FBI showed up. This is the rise and fall of Elmyr de Hory.

Emerging (USA ,30 min.)

Emerging 600x325


Mon. April 3, 9:30 am, Camelot 

Palm Springs Premiere

Steven Kochones, USA, 30 min.

In a world where billions of images are shared on the internet each day, 10 young photographers are breaking through the noise, striving for authenticity in a highly competitive profession.

Eveready (USA, 9 min.)

Eveready 600X325


Sun. April 2, 7:30 pm, Camelot 

California Premiere

Paul Szynol, USA, 9 min.

Uganda’s most surprising boxer steps into the ring one more time.

Finding Oscar (USA, 95 min.)

Finding Oscar 600X325


Tue., April  4, 1:30 pm, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Ryan Suffern, USA, 95 min.

FINDING OSCAR is a feature length documentary about the search for justice in the devastating case of the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala. That search leads to the trail of two little boys who were plucked from a nightmare and offer the only living evidence that ties the Guatemalan government to the massacre.

Frans Lanting: The Evolution Of Life (USA, 23 min.)

frans lanting 600X325


Mon., April 3, 9:30 am, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Steven Kochones, USA, 23 min.

Embark on a dazzling journey through time via the remarkable images of National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting and his epic “LIFE” project, which presents a stunning interpretation of life on Earth from the Big Bang through the present. The film also recounts Lanting’s own evolution from natural history photographer to visual chronicler of life on the planet.

Foreign Affairs (LUXEMBOURG, 74 min.)

foreign affairs 600X325


Sat., April 1, 5:00 pm, Camelot

 U.S Premiere

Pasha Rafiy, LUXEMBOURG, 74 min.

Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, attempts to make the voice of his country heard in a world marked by major political crises that challenge both international relations and world peace.  It takes us both straight into the heart of global politics and the everyday life of “Jang”. We share his engagement with diplomacy and hope that he carries in his function as a politician, but also in the intimate moments of solitude that he experiences during his race around the world.

Galapagos Evolution (ECUADOR, 56 min.)

Galapagos evolution 600X325


Tue., April 4, 11:30 am, Camelot

World Premiere

Roberto Ochoa, ECUADOR, 56 min.

A team of marine wildlife ambassadors prepare themselves for a great feat. Pierre Cousteau, son of the world famous scuba diver, Jacques Cousteau, and internationally
renowned free-divers show us how man and nature can reunite and co-exist with
marine wildlife. They take us back to where the concept of evolution was born, the
Galapagos Islands – posing the question: Can we all learn to co-exist with nature within
our lifetime before we destroy it?

Going The Distance (USA, 10 min.)

Going the distance 600X325


Mon., April 3, 7:30 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Jessie-Beers-Altman, USA, 10 min.

Every year, more than 100,000 track and field fans flock to the University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field at the to attend the Penn Relays – a three-day track and field carnival that hosts nearly 20,000 runners at all levels of competition. One race stands out from the rest: the Masters Men’s 75-and-older 100m dash. Run since 1989, this event has become a crowd favorite at the Relays. It showcases what many consider the “essence” of running: the pure joy of competition.

Good Morning Transnistria (NORWAY, 53 min.)

good morning transistra 600X325


Sat., April 1, 12:00 pm, Camelot

International Premiere

Fabian Greenberg, NORWAY, 53 min.

Welcome to Transnistria, a thin strip of land between the Moldovan river Dniestr and the Ukranian border. It claimed independence in 1990, and broke free from Moldova in 1992, but the country is not recognized by the UN. Nevertheless, it has its own parliament, government, military, police and currency. Transnistria also nurtures the old Sovietic values. It´s still USSR-time, seen through the eyes of an optimist and a regime opponent.

Goodwoman (USA, 36 min.)

Goodwoman 600X325


Sat., April 1, 12:00 pm, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Chris Flore, USA, 36 min.

Wrongfully arrested for filming the police during a benign incident with a homeless person, Debra Goodman takes on the NYPD and city of New York in an attempt to enshrine a person’s legal right to film the police.

Hanging (USA, 6 min.)

Hanging 600X325


Sun., April 2, 4:00 pm, Camelot

Palm Springs Encore

Nick Ladonne, USA, 6 min.

An animated documentary based on director Nick LeDonne’s personal struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts after an attempted hanging. His feelings of depression are personified by a dark, lurking fog being fought by his loving mother desperately trying to keep her son alive.

Happening (USA, 75 min.)

Happening 600X325


Sat., April 1, 7:00 pm, Camelot


Work In Progress

Jaime Redford, USA, 75 min.

Filmmaker Jamie Redford embarks on a colorful personal journey into the dawn of the clean energy era as it creates jobs, turns profits, and makes communities stronger and healthier across the US. Unlikely entrepreneurs in communities from Lehi, UT to Georgetown, TX to Buffalo, NY reveal pioneering clean energy solutions while Jamie’s discovery of how clean energy works, and what it means at a personal level, becomes the audiences’ discovery too. Reaching well beyond a great story of technology and innovation, “Happening” explores issues of human resilience, social justice, embracing the future, and finding hope for our survival.

Hard Hitter (DENMARK, 28 min.)

Hard Hitter 600X325


Mon., April 3, 4:30 pm, Camelot 

United States Premiere

Frederik With-Seidelin Skov, DENMARK, 28 min.

A boxer earns a world title shot, while dealing with personal problems and trying to take care of his son.

Heart Of The Land (FINLAND, 30 min.)

Heart of the land 600X325


Sat., April 1, 11:00 am, Camelot 

California Premiere

Kaisa Astikainen, FINLAND, 30 min.

A couple runs a small dairy farm somewhere in the heart of the Finnish countryside. The work of generations will soon come to an end, as their retirement is approaching and there’s no one to continue the family tradition. But for one last year everything continues the same; the seasons change, and the days are filled with labor. A film about love for the land, the richness of everyday life, and the sadness of letting go.

Hello Cuba (USA, 20 min.)

Hello Cuba 600X325


Mon., April 3, 12:00 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Reuben Aaronson, USA, 20 min.

After more than 50 years of economic embargo and isolation, little is known of the everyday lives of Cubans living only 90 miles away from U.S. shores.  This short film captures the spirit of Cuban neighbors living along a quiet street in Havana.

Hello! My Name Is Eitzen (USA, 15 min.)

Eitzen 600X325


Sat., April  1, 11:00 am, Camelot

World Premiere

Dave Eitzen, USA, 15 min.

As a goof, a family from Philadelphia travels to a small midwestern town that shares the same uncommon name. But the route–from lark to laughter to life lessons learned–is more than they bargained for.

Hilleman -- The Perilous Quest To Save The World's Children (USA, 67 min.)

Hilleman 600X325


Wed., April  5, 12:00 pm, Camelot

International Premiere

Donald Mitchell, USA, 67 min.

An American scientist succeeds in developing more than half of the vaccines children receive today, saving 8 million lives every year since the mid-1960s, and yet few know his name. His unprecedented achievements place him among the greatest scientists of all time and reveal the irony of saving us from our worst fears

Hotel Coolgardie (AUSTRALIA, 84 min.)

hotel coolgardie 600X325


Sat., April 1, 11:30 am, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Pete Gleeson, AUSTRALIA, 84 min.

Set deep in Australia’s uncomfortable interior, HOTEL COOLGARDIE follows two out-of-luck Finnish backpackers who find themselves sent to live and work at the only pub in a remote Australian mining town. Raucous, amusing and appalling, Pete Gleeson’s debut is a portrait of small-town insularity, fragile masculinity and the plight of the outsider forced to adapt or face the consequences.

I Paint, I Protest: Mary Perry Stone (USA, 8 min.)

Mary Perry 600X325


Sat., April 1, 12:00 pm, Camelot 

World Premiere

Ramie Streng , USA, 8 min.

‘Why don’t you just paint pretty pictures?’ a woman once asked the artist Mary Perry Stone. This film focuses on Mary’s protest work during the 1960s and ’70s. In 1960, Mary lived on what later became George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch. In an old bunkhouse she used as her studio, she painted. Her murals and paintings reflect her reactions to both the civil rights struggles and the war in Vietnam.

Impression of A War (COLUMBIA, 26 min.)

Impression of war 600x325


Tue., April 4, 2:00 pm, Camelot (NSDN: EDoc)

California Premiere

Camillo Restrepo, COLUMBIA, 26 min.

For over 70 years, Colombia has been confronted with internal armed conflict. Over the years, the outlines of the conflict have grown indistinct. A climate of generalized violence has gradually settle

Inez Milholland-Forward Into Light (USA, 14 min.)



Sat., April 1, 7:30 pm, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Martha Wheelock , USA, 14 min.

American Suffrage icon, Inez Milholland broke convention with her striking conscience, advocating for gender equality, pacifism, racial justice, unions, and  free speech in the early Twentieth Century.  In 1916 she crossed the country, giving 50 speeches in 28 days. Pushing through exhaustion and anemia she fell at the podium October 1916 at Los Angeles; she dies later at age 30. Her last public sentence, “President Wilson, how long must women wait for liberty?”

Irregulars ( ITALY, 9 min.)

Irregulars 600x325


Sat., April 1, 2:30 pm, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Fabio Palmieri , ITALY, 9 min.

Against a tellingly hypnotic factory backdrop, a refugee encapsulates the global immigration crisis in his own wrenching words.  Each year 400.000 people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, try to enter Europe. They flee from war, persecution and poverty. Since the ways by land have been interrupted, they board overloaded vessels and face a dangerous and often deadly voyage across the Mediterranean.

It Could Be Beautiful (USA, 9 min.)

It Could be beautiful


Mon., April 3, 1:30 pm, Camelot

World Premiere

Sarah Martha Jacob, USA, 9 min.

Sarah is with the love of her life and rising in her career when she suddenly realizes she has to get out. Her boyfriend will never commit and her job is killing her soul. She leaves Boston and sets out on a journey with one mission: to come alive. Kaya, a rescue mutt who needed a second chance, brings Sarah joy and hope for a new life. Then Kaya becomes paralyzed…