2017 Program Selection A-C

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3 Days In Rome (AUSTRIA, 5 min.)

3 days in Rome


Mon., April 3, 7:30 pm, Camelot

International Premiere

Hermann Weiskopf, AUSTRIA, 5 min.


Ilan Shomrony, who lives in Israel, is trying to reconstruct his parents’ incredible love story together with his wife Etty. In 1936, Erika and Emil, two young people from Vienna, fell deeply in love – only to be separated by the events of World War II. Erika found protection from the Nazis in Great Britain. Emil, in constant fear for his life, managed to escape from almost certain death during the Holocaust, by fleeing from Zagreb through all of South Eastern Europe, to his final destination Palestine. Despite the War, the Holocaust and a ten-year-long separation Erika and Emil never forgot each other. In 1947, they finally meet again in Italy for 3 Days in Rome…


Against All Odds-The Fight For a Black Middle Class with Bob Herbert (USA, 76 min.)

Against all odds 600X325


Mon., April 3, 11:30 am, Camelot

World Premiere

Bob Herbert, USA, 76 min.

African Americans have faced extraordinary difficulties establishing and maintaining a middle class standard of living. The black middle class remains proportionally much smaller and far less healthy than the white middle class. Nearly 40 percent of all black children are poor. For every dollar of wealth the average white family has, the typical black family has only a little more than a nickel. Bob Herbert shows why this is still the case a half century after the civil rights movement.

Altimir (USA, BULGARIA, 17 min.)

altimir 600X325


Sat., April 1, 11:00 am, Camelot

Southern California Premiere

Kay Hannahan, USA, BULGARIA, 17 min.

Since the collapse of the communist regime in 1989, Bulgaria has experienced the most extreme population decline in the world. Low birth rates, high death rates, and two large waves of emigration have erased villages from Bulgaria’s map and pushed others to the verge of extinction. ALTIMIR explores life in one of Bulgaria’s disappearing villages, haunted by the promises of both communism and capitalism.

American Moderate (USA, 17 min.)

American Moderate 600X325


Tue., April 4, 4:00 pm, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Jared Callahan, USA, 17 min.

A first-time voter from the South struggles to find herself, and a candidate that best represents her, in the upcoming 2016 presidential primary election.

American Veteran (USA, 74 min.)

American Veteran 600X325


Mon., April 3, 6:30 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Julie Cohen, USA, 74 min.

America’s interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a generation of American veterans so severely disabled that they would have died in previous wars. Now they are kept alive by improved medical tactics. AMERICAN VETERAN follows  Sgt. Nick Mendes, for five years after he’s paralyzed from the neck down by an IED. An unflinching, romantic and often funny portrait of Nick as he studies for a real-estate license, learns to cast a fishing pole with his mouth and marries his caregiver.

A Short Family Movie (CROATIA, 21 min.)

a short family movie 600X325


Mon., April 3, 12:00 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Igor Bezinovic, CROATIA, 21 min.

A few years ago Marica was convicted for assaulting her daughter-in-law with a knife. After 2 years and 7 months spent in prison, Marica returns to her son Đuro in Novi Perkovci.

An Undeniable Voice (USA, 16 min.)

an undeniable voice 600X325


Sun., April 2, 4:30 pm, Camelot (Actress/Producer SHARON STONE in attendance)

Palm Springs Premiere

Price Arana, USA, 16 min.

Sam Harris, believed to be one of the youngest to survive the camps during the Holocaust, shares his amazing story of survival with philanthropist and activist Sharon Stone.

Aurelia and Pedro (MEXICO, 16 min.)

Aurelia and Pedro 600X325


Mon., April 3, 12:00 pm, Camelot (NSDN-DocsMX)

Palm Springs Premiere

José Permar, Omar Robles, MEXICO, 16 min.

 Fog rolls across the green highlands of the Wixáritari in Western Mexico, where Pedro lives with his mother Aurelia, isolated from the rest of the world. Pedro herds their goats and explores his surroundings while Aurelia weaves fine cloth, gathers firewood and prepares food. A portrait of the symbiotic relationship between a small Indigenous family and their remote homeland.

Bacon and God's Wrath (CANADA, 9 min.)

Bacon and God's Wrath


Mon. April 3, 7:30 pm, Camelot
Wed. April 5, 2:30 pm, Camelot 

Palm Springs Premiere

Sol Friedman, CANADA, 9 min.

A 90-year-old Jewish woman reflects on her life’s experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time. Be prepared for an unexpected ending.

Bath Of Life (MEXICO, 67 min.)

Bath of life 600X325


Wed., April 5, 2:30 pm, Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs (NSDN-DocsMX)

United States Premiere

Dalia Reyes, MEXICO, 67 min.

Bath of life It´s a immersive documentary which guides us for an intimate journey to the inner life of a public bath through the voices of three characters: Felipe, the main clerk since 1984, Juana a street sweeper from Mexico City’s and Jose, a frequent client who has been gone to the baths for more than forty years.  Each character shares it’s own past, what the baths means to them. This documentary becomes a confessionary for those who gather around in the same place: the sauna.

Battling Back (USA, 11 min.)

battling back 600X325


Mon., April 3, 4:30 pm, Camelot

California Premiere

Jeff & Michael Zimbalist, USA, 11 min.

Growing up in Pittsburgh’s violent, drug-ridden North Side, Josh Mook had to parent his little brother as they bounced from one abusive foster home to another. The film chronicles Josh’s story as he fights not only to be the best, but also to protect his little brother and culminates in him facing off and defending his champion title against his biggest rival opponent in a rematch unseen in the world of Pittsburgh youth boxing.

Batusha's House (KOSOVO, SWITZERLAND, 70 min.)

Batusha house 600X325


Wed., April 5, 1:30 pm, Camelot 

Palm Springs Premiere

Tino Glimmann & Jan Gollob, KOSOVO, SWITZERLAND, 70 min.

Kadri Batusha has been building his tremendous house in the outskirts of Prishtina in Kosovo for 15 years; without any plans, architects or building permits. A life story shaped by political activism, prison, migration, the years as an asylum seeker in Switzerland, and also the war in Kosovo, has led to this unbelievable labyrinth worthy of Xanadu in CITIZEN KANE, which thus becomes a metaphor for a young anarchic nation and a manifestation of Batusha’s biography.

Bean (USA, 66 min.)

Bean 600X325


Sat., April 1, 7:30 pm, Camelot 

World Premiere

Emilie Bunnell, USA, 66 min.

Alana and Lori were just two LGBT 20-somethings looking for love on Tinder when a casual right swipe made a match that would bind them together forever. Within a few weeks of meeting online, Lori learned that Alana suffers from Lupus and has been waiting on the kidney transplant list for years. Against all odds, Lori found that she was a candidate for donation and decided to give Alana the ultimate gift. BEAN is an emotional journey for that tests the true limits of love and sacrifice.

Being Seen (USA, 16 min.)



Mon., April 3, 1:30 pm, Camelot 

Palm Springs Premiere

Paul Zehrer, USA, 16 min.

“Being Seen” will change the way you see people with developmental disabilities. A combination of funny, acerbic, and heart-wrenching, these people’s candid and articulate self-awareness quickly shatter preconceptions of the disabled.

Blind Sushi (USA, 17 min.)



Sun., April 2, 7:30 pm, Camelot

 Palm Springs Premiere

Eric Heimbold, USA, 17 min.

A man who lost his eyesight refuses to pity himself and becomes an adventure writer. An environmentally conscious chef changes the paradigm of sushi cuisine. Together, they plunge into the murky waters of the New England coast in search of enlightenment.

Body And Soul ( USA, 58 min.)

Body and Soul 600X325


Tues., April 4, 11:00 am, Camelot

Palm Springs Premiere

Robert Philipson, USA, 58 min.

Out of all the cross-cultural encounters that have resulted in the richness of American popular music, none has been so prominent or so fraught with fraternity and conflict as the one between African Americans and American Jews. This documentary aims to tease out the strands of this cultural knot by focusing on the early performance history of the jazz standard, “Body and Soul,” one of the most recorded songs in jazz history.

Breaking Point: The War For Democracy In Ukraine (USA, 98 min.)

breaking point 600X325


Sun., April 2, 1:30 pm, Camelot 

Palm Springs Premiere

Mark Harris, USA, 98 min.

An intimate look at the war and revolution in Ukraine through the eyes of ordinary people who risked their lives to create a more democratic, equitable and independent country. It is a dramatic and inspiring portrait of people willing to give up their private, normal lives to unite in a collective effort to bring the rule of law and democracy to their country. The outcome affects not only the future of Ukraine, but the future of democracy throughout the world.

Broken Palace (CANADA, 6 min.)

broken palace 600X325


Mon., April 3, 7:30 pm, Camelot

 Palm Springs Premiere

Ross Munro, CANADA, 6 min.

With only precious few single-screen heritage movie theatres remaining (and those only just barely hanging on with a stay of execution from the wrecking ball’s relentless path), the documentary short “Broken Palace” takes the viewer on a nostalgic and bittersweet journey into this once-grand moviegoing experience, by creating a living and breathing sensory journey through music, spoken word, and the haunting images of the formerly glorious cinematic palaces.

Chasing A Million (NETHERLANDS, 56 min.)

chasing a million 600X325


Tue., April 4, 4:00 pm, Camelot

North America Premiere

Albert Klein Haneveld, Stefan Egberts, NETHERLANDS, 56 min.

Can you make a fortune by swapping one thing for another? Albert and Stefan believe it can be done. They start their experiment with a free rabbit. What follows is an unusual and highly unpredictable adventure. Within three years – and against all odds – the swop to a house on a ski-slope.  It started out as an innocent adventure. But as the stakes het higher, thing become more complicated. Eventually both men decide to travel to Las Vegas. Will they succeed in their attempt to become rich?

Chinese Obama (CHINA, 9 min.)

chinese obama 600X325


Mon., April 3, 7:00 pm, Camelot

International Premiere

Rongfei Guo, CHINA, 9 min.

Working-class migrant worker Xiao Jiguo rose to fame overnight in China for his uncanny resemblance to President Barack Obama. Over the past several years, Xiao made a fortune performing at Chinese entertainment shows, playing roles in films, and giving speeches in fake English.  But now that Obama is leaving office, Xiao has to begin finding another career.

Chomo (UK, 42 min.)

Chomo 600X325


Wed., April 5, 11:30 am, Camelot

World Premiere

Maayan Arad, UK, 42 min.

A community of Buddhist Nuns from Tibet and across the Himalaya is excited as twenty of the pioneering senior nuns are expected to graduate in 2016. If they prove themselves during their exams, they would obtain the esteemed title of Geshema, which until this day has been reserved only for the monks.

Coke Habit (USA, 4 min.)

coke habit 600X325


Sat., April 1, 4:30 pm, Camelot

U.S Premiere

Dan Covert, Andre Andreev, USA, 4 min.

My name is Mike, and the summer after 10th grade my love for Coca-Cola turned into an addiction which still haunts me years later. At the height of my habit, sneaking around my parents watchful eye, I was drinking 9 cans a day. A pattern that over time left me with horrible horrible migraines, dizziness, blindspots, tunnel vision, and that ultimately sent me to a neurologist when I didn’t know when else to turn. This is the story of my Coke Habit.

Cradle Of Champions (USA, 100 min.)

cradle of champions 600X325


Sun., April 2, 11:00 am, Camelot

Southern California Premiere

Bartle BullUSA, 100 min.

From the “dream team” of talent behind VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR, CITIZENFOUR, RESTREPO, CAMERAPERSON, QUEEN OF VERSAILLES, CARTEL LAND and more, the epic story of three young people fighting for their lives in the NY Golden Gloves–the oldest, biggest, most important amateur boxing tournament in the world.

The Gloves has produced more professional world champions than the Olympic Games. CRADLE OF CHAMPIONS follows James Wilkins, Nisa Rodriguez, and Titus Williams on a classic urban odyssey.